Unique boot camp workouts

Every trainer has faced a situation one time or the other in their lives where they run out of ideas on how to create quality workouts for their clients. Trying to forcefully bring yourself out of this trainer’s block will only create more monotonous unengaging workouts. Below are a few Unique boot camp workout tips to keep your clients engaged, motivated, and inspired.

  • Bootcamp lotto – Lotto can be combined with other exercises to create a unique game workout. In this exercise, there are two buckets of balls. The balls on one side are marked with a specific set of exercises, while the balls on the other side have numbers denoting how many repetitions of that specific exercise you will do. Next, each player must run to the bucket of balls, pick a ball from each bucket, and perform the number of repetitions listed on the ball.   
  • Dice Stack – This game is similar to the Lotto game. Players get into a horizontal line. Then when the whistle blows the players run to a container full of dice, roll the dice, and perform the number of repetitions listed on the dice. When the player finishes with the repetitions the players must then set the dice on a flat surface and continue to stack them on top of each other. If the stack of dice fall the player must perform a penalty exercise.
  • Spell your name – This works as a great icebreaker exercise. The trainer sets up a board with all the letters of the alphabet written on it. Beside each letter is an exercise and the number of reps one must complete for it. The players can choose to spell out their name, a friend’s name, or even the name of a pet or favorite song to keep the game fun.
  • Tossing game – Toss a coin and do a certain set of exercises depending on if the coin lands on heads or tails.
  • Cards – Using cards are a fun way to engage you, clients. Have them pick a card and perform the number of repetitions on the card. Make it creative and add some wild cards that allow the client to choose any type of exercise they would like to perform if they pick their wild card.

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