Small Space Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Boot camps are best held in large open places that allow for free movement and exercise without any restrictions. However, such space may not always be available. This requires the trainer to modify the boot camp endurance workouts to be compatible with the smaller area without compromising on the quality of the workout. Here are a few games to help you with small space workouts:

  • Pass the ball – Arrange the participants in a horizontal line. Each line gets a medicine ball or slam ball. The game starts with the first person from each line holding the ball. Next, they will do the slam ball exercise while the other group does the medicine ball exercise. After a fixed period, the ball is passed to the second person, who now does the ball exercise while the rest do the other one. This continues until the ball reaches the end of the line. Then, the ball gets passed to the beginning of the line and two new exercises are assigned for the next round.
  • Deathmatch – The name itself suggests how the exercises will be done, without anyone dying of course. You can use any item, like a cone, card, ball, or tally marks to indicate how many exercises a person has completed. Set out a list of exercises and the corresponding number of reps right at the beginning. Also, set a time for which the match will continue. Once the whistle is blown, all players will start doing the exercises one by one. Once it is completed, the player collects an item or adds a tally mark against their name and starts a new exercise. When the time is up, the player with the most completed exercises wins.
  • Couples relay – This is a mini version of the relay game used for large groups. In these games, the participants are divided into groups of two. Each group stands at one end of the space. Then, the first person of each group starts running to complete one lap while the second person performs an assigned exercise. When the first person reaches the starting point, the second person starts running the lap while the first person does the exercise. The game is finished when a certain time or number of laps has been completed.
  • Musical rep – This is a variation of musical chairs, where exercise mats are laid out in a circle instead of chairs and an exercise is decided upon. The number of mats at any point must be lower than the number of people. When the music plays, the participants jog around the outside of the circle of the mats. When the music stops, everyone must occupy a mat and start doing a pre-assigned exercise. The person thrown out in each round will have to do a penalty exercise. This goes on until the last person is standing.
  • Kettlebell pass – In this workout, players stand in a circle with one kettlebell. As the music plays, the players perform a combination of one kettlebell rep and an exercise with it, while the others are doing reps of another exercise. When the music stops one player is eliminated and must do a penalty exercise.

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