Large Group BootCamp Workout Ideas

Boot camp is a place where you test your physical capacity, mental strength and psychological resilience. Learning to push your body to the limits can be super engaging, confidence building, and even fun! Working out with friends and family is a great way to stay connected, push each other, and learn how to help spot and motivate each other. 

Working out can be fun. Below are a few games you can use to entertain Bootcamp large group workouts.

  • Rep Relay – Divide everyone into equal groups. Choose a closed track and divide it into as many sections as there are people in the groups. Place one person of each group at each division. Assign a different exercise to the people at each division. When you blow the whistle, the people at the first division completes his or her exercise and runs to the second division while everyone else does their assigned exercises. When the first person reaches the second mark, they relieve the second person. The first person now has to do the exercise assigned at the second base while the second person runs to the third base to relieve the third person. This continues until a prefixed time or number of laps.
  • Dice Game – You will need several dice for this. Each person will be getting two dice of two colors, say black and white. Make a list made beforehand of which number on the die represents which exercise and which die stands for what. The white dice indicate the exercise and the black dice indicates the number of reps. Next, the participants roll their dice. The number on their white die will tell them which exercise to do and adding the black dice numbers tells them how many reps to do.
  • Cards against Obesity – Cards against Obesity are most fun when played in groups. It works much like Cards Against Humanity, except, the card tells you the exercise you must do and the number of reps. There are also three levels of difficulty for each card. The one who collects the maximum number of cards at the end is the winner.
  • Gambler – This is a well-known group workout used in many boot camps. Here, the participants have a show-off in couples where each says a number out loud together. The numbers will determine the number of reps as well as the score for each in the show-off. Once done, both move on to new partners.
  • Hold-Rep – In this game, all participants are divided into two equal groups and placed in two horizontal lines, one behind the other by a good distance. One hold exercise and one rep exercise is fixed. When the game starts, the line at the back does the rep exercise while the one in front does the hold exercise. Then the line at the back runs in front by the same distance and starts doing the hold while the line previously in front does the rep exercise. Once done, it now runs to the front. This continues until both teams cross a certain distance.

Boot Camp Library adds exciting new exercises each month. You can use variations of these games to suit multiple group sizes, ages, and experience levels. 

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