Fitness Bootcamp Warm Up Drills to Make Your Job Easy

Warm-up exercises are extremely important to do before going into any kind of workout, especially strenuous ones like boot camp routines. Warming up is a great way to start your workout routine. Stretching your muscles, doing a bit of light yoga, and easing into your workout routine, along with deep breathing are all good techniques for warming up.

 Unique Heart Pumping Boot Camp Ideas:

  • Tap wrestling – This is a super fun way to start your workout. Divide your people into groups of two. Once the time starts, both persons of each group have to try and tap the other in certain parts of the body like the shoulder, head or knees. Make sure the participants understand delicate body parts like eyes, ears and the stomach cannot be tapped. Set a time for the activity. The partner with the most number of taps wins the round. You can tune the difficulty level of the game by specifying only one body part they can touch or increasing the time of the match.
  • Tap Ball – This is a modification of the popular tap ball game, but with a twist. Members of a group perform a certain exercise as a light beach ball is thrown between the group of people and cannot be allowed to touch the ground. The exact number of reps depends on the difficulty level of the exercise chosen. Change up the type of exercise in the next round to keep it more fun.
  • Run-on time – Running or jogging is a great way to warm up and now, you can make it fun too. You will need a timer for this one. Line people up for a race. When the time starts, they have to start running. The trainer will blow the whistle at the end of a certain period. Participants must stop right where they are and do a certain number of reps of any predetermined exercise. Once done, the trainer will blow the whistle again and the people will start running along the course. The person who has gone the farthest after a certain number of rounds is the winner.
  • Bounce race – This is also a good icebreaker workout to get the crowd moving and getting to know each other a bit. In this race, campers bounce two balls with both of their hands while they run a race against each other. Anyone who drops the ball or moves into the track of someone else must stop where they are and do a predetermined number of reps and then continue the race.
  • Switch up – This warm-up exercise requires the use of some marker or identifier for the players. In this, the trainer calls out names, the color of mat, position or any other such identifier. The people called out must now switch their position with the other one or ones who were also called. This not only warms up the body but makes you think on your feet. The number of people called at any given time can be changed to increase the intensity of the game.

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