Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Boot camp trainers have very difficult jobs. They train people early in the morning, during the day and after work. They have to figure out how to keep their clients interested and excited with new routines. Often they have to tailor workouts to suit people with different needs. It’s difficult to think of something new to do every single day. Here’s a host of great boot camp trainer workout ideas to choose from to spice up your next workout routine.

  • Station workouts – You can use this for both individual and group workouts. You may or may not use equipment for this, and the exercises are chosen accordingly. In this, the entire space is divided up into sections along a course. The divisions are marked as stations. Certain exercises are chosen, like lunges or shuffles, that can be used or modified to allow movement during the exercise. A person must move from one station to the next doing these exercises. Next, they switch to another exercise when they reach a station. Couples or groups can do this workout.
  • Obstacle course – Obstacle courses are a super fun way to train the body and engage your participants. The obstacles can be greatly varied to train a specific part of the body or have a certain effect on the person. The length of the course and the level of difficulty of the course can also be changed based on the ability of the person.
  • Choice – This can be thought of as the boot camp version of the indoor game of Would You Rather. Write out the names of different exercises along with the reps that must be done on cards. It’s good to have a variety of exercises to train specific parts of the body. For example, there must be at least two exercises for biceps, two or more for abs and so on. These alternate options must be placed at the same position in the two stacks of cards you will be having. Each type of card is created and placed in such a manner that each stack by itself can form a complete, holistic workout. Next, ask each person to pick the top card and perform one of the exercises.
  • H.I.I.T. – Acronym for High-Intensity-Interval-Workout. In this workout system, a person does highly strenuous exercises for a certain period of time followed by a short period of rest. This is an especially effective workout in high demand among boot camp trainers and campers alike. Keep in mind a day of H.I.I.T. should be followed by mellower workouts so as not to strain the body too much.
  • Partner Routines – Using a partner with your workout exercises has multiple advantages. Firstly, the range of exercises you can do increases greatly. Secondly, having someone with you helps you stay motivated by way of mutual encouragement and competition. Another advantage of having a partner greatly reduces and often even eliminates the need for boot camp gear, so you can do it anywhere.

Boot Camp Library is a storehouse of ideas for workouts that you can create as a trainer. There are exercises laid out for all kinds of routines. There are also valuable guidelines on how to create your boot camp workout for upcoming and established trainers.

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