Boot Camp Icebreaker Ideas

Boot camps bring people together to do highly intense physical exercises. Many times there are couples and group workouts with people who are strangers and would not be able to participate in such group activities due to social awkwardness, lack of body coordination, or a lack of general physical education. Icebreaker workouts are most commonly used on the first day (but can be used any time) of boot camp to ease people into the system. They are also great low-intensity workouts that you can do at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a boot camp class. Given below are some great icebreakers and boot camp ideas:

  • Bootcamp Scrabble – Scrabble is a great game that can be incorporated into boot camp workout as an icebreaker. Tell the players to form a horizontal line and place a sack of Scrabble letters some distance from the line. When the whistle blows, each player runs and picks a letter without seeing what it is, then they run back and perform the designated exercise the number of times listed on the corner of the Scrabble letter. The person who forms the first three-letter word wins the round. Several rounds can be played changing the number of letters or difficulty of the exercises.
  • Game Of Tag – This is a fun way to combine games and exercise into a single workout. Here, you play tag, but with a twist. When you get tagged, you can move again after doing a certain number of reps of an exercise. The person who is “it” wins if and when he or she can tag everybody. You can play this multiple times by making different people the “it” person.
  • Rock Paper Scissors – This is the easiest icebreaker game to follow. This follows a show-off style, where two people play the Rock/Paper/Scissors game. The person that loses the round must do a full lap of the space while the winner performs a certain number of reps. Once done, both players move on to new partners and repeat the workout. To make it more exciting, maintain a scoreboard for all the players and declare a winner at the end of the workout.
  • Never Have I Ever – This is a great way to get to know the other people attending the Bootcamp. You play a game of Never Have I Ever in the usual manner, but instead of shots, you do laps. After performing the exercise the person then has to run a lap. If your clients are not able to do the full movement, allow them to stand and do what they can. You can change up the number of laps or reps depending on the size of space or difficulty level.
  • Cone Game – This is like the game of tag. Large areas make the game more strenuous, and small areas make the game more chaotic and fun. Here, the players are divided into two groups. Cones are placed all over the field. One group tries to turn the cones over while the others must place them back up.

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