Fitness Bootcamp Warm Up Drills to Make Your Job Easy

Warm-up exercises are extremely important to do before going into any kind of workout, especially strenuous ones like boot camp routines. Warming up is a great way to start your workout routine. Stretching your muscles, doing a bit of light yoga, and easing into your workout routine, along with deep breathing are all good techniques for warming up.

 Unique Heart Pumping Boot Camp Ideas:

  • Tap wrestling – This is a super fun way to start your workout. Divide your people into groups of two. Once the time starts, both persons of each group have to try and tap the other in certain parts of the body like the shoulder, head or knees. Make sure the participants understand delicate body parts like eyes, ears and the stomach cannot be tapped. Set a time for the activity. The partner with the most number of taps wins the round. You can tune the difficulty level of the game by specifying only one body part they can touch or increasing the time of the match.
  • Tap Ball – This is a modification of the popular tap ball game, but with a twist. Members of a group perform a certain exercise as a light beach ball is thrown between the group of people and cannot be allowed to touch the ground. The exact number of reps depends on the difficulty level of the exercise chosen. Change up the type of exercise in the next round to keep it more fun.
  • Run-on time – Running or jogging is a great way to warm up and now, you can make it fun too. You will need a timer for this one. Line people up for a race. When the time starts, they have to start running. The trainer will blow the whistle at the end of a certain period. Participants must stop right where they are and do a certain number of reps of any predetermined exercise. Once done, the trainer will blow the whistle again and the people will start running along the course. The person who has gone the farthest after a certain number of rounds is the winner.
  • Bounce race – This is also a good icebreaker workout to get the crowd moving and getting to know each other a bit. In this race, campers bounce two balls with both of their hands while they run a race against each other. Anyone who drops the ball or moves into the track of someone else must stop where they are and do a predetermined number of reps and then continue the race.
  • Switch up – This warm-up exercise requires the use of some marker or identifier for the players. In this, the trainer calls out names, the color of mat, position or any other such identifier. The people called out must now switch their position with the other one or ones who were also called. This not only warms up the body but makes you think on your feet. The number of people called at any given time can be changed to increase the intensity of the game.

Boot Camp Library has ideas for all kinds of workouts, from warm-ups to high-intensity, and finisher exercises. Sign up today and start receiving infinite ideas for the ultimate boot camp workout!

Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Boot camp trainers have very difficult jobs. They train people early in the morning, during the day and after work. They have to figure out how to keep their clients interested and excited with new routines. Often they have to tailor workouts to suit people with different needs. It’s difficult to think of something new to do every single day. Here’s a host of great boot camp trainer workout ideas to choose from to spice up your next workout routine.

  • Station workouts – You can use this for both individual and group workouts. You may or may not use equipment for this, and the exercises are chosen accordingly. In this, the entire space is divided up into sections along a course. The divisions are marked as stations. Certain exercises are chosen, like lunges or shuffles, that can be used or modified to allow movement during the exercise. A person must move from one station to the next doing these exercises. Next, they switch to another exercise when they reach a station. Couples or groups can do this workout.
  • Obstacle course – Obstacle courses are a super fun way to train the body and engage your participants. The obstacles can be greatly varied to train a specific part of the body or have a certain effect on the person. The length of the course and the level of difficulty of the course can also be changed based on the ability of the person.
  • Choice – This can be thought of as the boot camp version of the indoor game of Would You Rather. Write out the names of different exercises along with the reps that must be done on cards. It’s good to have a variety of exercises to train specific parts of the body. For example, there must be at least two exercises for biceps, two or more for abs and so on. These alternate options must be placed at the same position in the two stacks of cards you will be having. Each type of card is created and placed in such a manner that each stack by itself can form a complete, holistic workout. Next, ask each person to pick the top card and perform one of the exercises.
  • H.I.I.T. – Acronym for High-Intensity-Interval-Workout. In this workout system, a person does highly strenuous exercises for a certain period of time followed by a short period of rest. This is an especially effective workout in high demand among boot camp trainers and campers alike. Keep in mind a day of H.I.I.T. should be followed by mellower workouts so as not to strain the body too much.
  • Partner Routines – Using a partner with your workout exercises has multiple advantages. Firstly, the range of exercises you can do increases greatly. Secondly, having someone with you helps you stay motivated by way of mutual encouragement and competition. Another advantage of having a partner greatly reduces and often even eliminates the need for boot camp gear, so you can do it anywhere.

Boot Camp Library is a storehouse of ideas for workouts that you can create as a trainer. There are exercises laid out for all kinds of routines. There are also valuable guidelines on how to create your boot camp workout for upcoming and established trainers.

Unique boot camp workouts

Every trainer has faced a situation one time or the other in their lives where they run out of ideas on how to create quality workouts for their clients. Trying to forcefully bring yourself out of this trainer’s block will only create more monotonous unengaging workouts. Below are a few Unique boot camp workout tips to keep your clients engaged, motivated, and inspired.

  • Bootcamp lotto – Lotto can be combined with other exercises to create a unique game workout. In this exercise, there are two buckets of balls. The balls on one side are marked with a specific set of exercises, while the balls on the other side have numbers denoting how many repetitions of that specific exercise you will do. Next, each player must run to the bucket of balls, pick a ball from each bucket, and perform the number of repetitions listed on the ball.   
  • Dice Stack – This game is similar to the Lotto game. Players get into a horizontal line. Then when the whistle blows the players run to a container full of dice, roll the dice, and perform the number of repetitions listed on the dice. When the player finishes with the repetitions the players must then set the dice on a flat surface and continue to stack them on top of each other. If the stack of dice fall the player must perform a penalty exercise.
  • Spell your name – This works as a great icebreaker exercise. The trainer sets up a board with all the letters of the alphabet written on it. Beside each letter is an exercise and the number of reps one must complete for it. The players can choose to spell out their name, a friend’s name, or even the name of a pet or favorite song to keep the game fun.
  • Tossing game – Toss a coin and do a certain set of exercises depending on if the coin lands on heads or tails.
  • Cards – Using cards are a fun way to engage you, clients. Have them pick a card and perform the number of repetitions on the card. Make it creative and add some wild cards that allow the client to choose any type of exercise they would like to perform if they pick their wild card.

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Boot Camp Icebreaker Ideas

Boot camps bring people together to do highly intense physical exercises. Many times there are couples and group workouts with people who are strangers and would not be able to participate in such group activities due to social awkwardness, lack of body coordination, or a lack of general physical education. Icebreaker workouts are most commonly used on the first day (but can be used any time) of boot camp to ease people into the system. They are also great low-intensity workouts that you can do at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of a boot camp class. Given below are some great icebreakers and boot camp ideas:

  • Bootcamp Scrabble – Scrabble is a great game that can be incorporated into boot camp workout as an icebreaker. Tell the players to form a horizontal line and place a sack of Scrabble letters some distance from the line. When the whistle blows, each player runs and picks a letter without seeing what it is, then they run back and perform the designated exercise the number of times listed on the corner of the Scrabble letter. The person who forms the first three-letter word wins the round. Several rounds can be played changing the number of letters or difficulty of the exercises.
  • Game Of Tag – This is a fun way to combine games and exercise into a single workout. Here, you play tag, but with a twist. When you get tagged, you can move again after doing a certain number of reps of an exercise. The person who is “it” wins if and when he or she can tag everybody. You can play this multiple times by making different people the “it” person.
  • Rock Paper Scissors – This is the easiest icebreaker game to follow. This follows a show-off style, where two people play the Rock/Paper/Scissors game. The person that loses the round must do a full lap of the space while the winner performs a certain number of reps. Once done, both players move on to new partners and repeat the workout. To make it more exciting, maintain a scoreboard for all the players and declare a winner at the end of the workout.
  • Never Have I Ever – This is a great way to get to know the other people attending the Bootcamp. You play a game of Never Have I Ever in the usual manner, but instead of shots, you do laps. After performing the exercise the person then has to run a lap. If your clients are not able to do the full movement, allow them to stand and do what they can. You can change up the number of laps or reps depending on the size of space or difficulty level.
  • Cone Game – This is like the game of tag. Large areas make the game more strenuous, and small areas make the game more chaotic and fun. Here, the players are divided into two groups. Cones are placed all over the field. One group tries to turn the cones over while the others must place them back up.

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Small Space Boot Camp Workout Ideas

Boot camps are best held in large open places that allow for free movement and exercise without any restrictions. However, such space may not always be available. This requires the trainer to modify the boot camp endurance workouts to be compatible with the smaller area without compromising on the quality of the workout. Here are a few games to help you with small space workouts:

  • Pass the ball – Arrange the participants in a horizontal line. Each line gets a medicine ball or slam ball. The game starts with the first person from each line holding the ball. Next, they will do the slam ball exercise while the other group does the medicine ball exercise. After a fixed period, the ball is passed to the second person, who now does the ball exercise while the rest do the other one. This continues until the ball reaches the end of the line. Then, the ball gets passed to the beginning of the line and two new exercises are assigned for the next round.
  • Deathmatch – The name itself suggests how the exercises will be done, without anyone dying of course. You can use any item, like a cone, card, ball, or tally marks to indicate how many exercises a person has completed. Set out a list of exercises and the corresponding number of reps right at the beginning. Also, set a time for which the match will continue. Once the whistle is blown, all players will start doing the exercises one by one. Once it is completed, the player collects an item or adds a tally mark against their name and starts a new exercise. When the time is up, the player with the most completed exercises wins.
  • Couples relay – This is a mini version of the relay game used for large groups. In these games, the participants are divided into groups of two. Each group stands at one end of the space. Then, the first person of each group starts running to complete one lap while the second person performs an assigned exercise. When the first person reaches the starting point, the second person starts running the lap while the first person does the exercise. The game is finished when a certain time or number of laps has been completed.
  • Musical rep – This is a variation of musical chairs, where exercise mats are laid out in a circle instead of chairs and an exercise is decided upon. The number of mats at any point must be lower than the number of people. When the music plays, the participants jog around the outside of the circle of the mats. When the music stops, everyone must occupy a mat and start doing a pre-assigned exercise. The person thrown out in each round will have to do a penalty exercise. This goes on until the last person is standing.
  • Kettlebell pass – In this workout, players stand in a circle with one kettlebell. As the music plays, the players perform a combination of one kettlebell rep and an exercise with it, while the others are doing reps of another exercise. When the music stops one player is eliminated and must do a penalty exercise.

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Large Group BootCamp Workout Ideas

Boot camp is a place where you test your physical capacity, mental strength and psychological resilience. Learning to push your body to the limits can be super engaging, confidence building, and even fun! Working out with friends and family is a great way to stay connected, push each other, and learn how to help spot and motivate each other. 

Working out can be fun. Below are a few games you can use to entertain Bootcamp large group workouts.

  • Rep Relay – Divide everyone into equal groups. Choose a closed track and divide it into as many sections as there are people in the groups. Place one person of each group at each division. Assign a different exercise to the people at each division. When you blow the whistle, the people at the first division completes his or her exercise and runs to the second division while everyone else does their assigned exercises. When the first person reaches the second mark, they relieve the second person. The first person now has to do the exercise assigned at the second base while the second person runs to the third base to relieve the third person. This continues until a prefixed time or number of laps.
  • Dice Game – You will need several dice for this. Each person will be getting two dice of two colors, say black and white. Make a list made beforehand of which number on the die represents which exercise and which die stands for what. The white dice indicate the exercise and the black dice indicates the number of reps. Next, the participants roll their dice. The number on their white die will tell them which exercise to do and adding the black dice numbers tells them how many reps to do.
  • Cards against Obesity – Cards against Obesity are most fun when played in groups. It works much like Cards Against Humanity, except, the card tells you the exercise you must do and the number of reps. There are also three levels of difficulty for each card. The one who collects the maximum number of cards at the end is the winner.
  • Gambler – This is a well-known group workout used in many boot camps. Here, the participants have a show-off in couples where each says a number out loud together. The numbers will determine the number of reps as well as the score for each in the show-off. Once done, both move on to new partners.
  • Hold-Rep – In this game, all participants are divided into two equal groups and placed in two horizontal lines, one behind the other by a good distance. One hold exercise and one rep exercise is fixed. When the game starts, the line at the back does the rep exercise while the one in front does the hold exercise. Then the line at the back runs in front by the same distance and starts doing the hold while the line previously in front does the rep exercise. Once done, it now runs to the front. This continues until both teams cross a certain distance.

Boot Camp Library adds exciting new exercises each month. You can use variations of these games to suit multiple group sizes, ages, and experience levels. 

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4 Ways To Prevent Burnout:

  1. Recognize if you are an introvert or an extrovert. Dive deeper than just claiming to be shy or outgoing. How you gain your energy defines whether you’re introverted or extroverted. Introverts, while they can manage just fine in social settings, prefer to recharge their energy by spending time alone. And extroverts, while they can spend time alone, recharge their energy by being around others. So, acknowledge what you are (needing alone time or needing social situations) and spend time recharging your energy.
  2. Plan something for yourself that lights your fire, excites you and makes you smile. Whether it be a massage, a trip to Target, a weekend getaway, a girl’s/guy’s night out or just 5 minutes of quiet time, plan something for yourself that starts to refill your tank.
  3. Establish control over a specific situation. Often times when we start feeling the burnout, it’s partly due to lack of control. You have lost your say in how you run your business, you and your ideas aren’t being heard, or you have been unable to say “no” when others try to add to your workload. Recognize something you wish you had more control over and make a stand. After all, it’s your business and your life. At the end of the day, you are the only one in control of your happiness. No one else. So take ownership and make your own decisions.
  4. MOVE! And no, I don’t mean rent a U-haul and start packing. I mean move your body. This should be a no brainer, especially for trainers, but we all fall prey to becoming lazy and stagnant, especially when experiencing burnout. When you exercise, a chemical is released that can boost your mood, reduce stress, and alleviate anxiety. (Resource #3) So move your body, even if it’s just for 20-30 minutes. Your body and mind will thank you.

Now that you have some tools to course correct when you feel the burnout creeping up, let’s specifically focus on the job of the boot camp trainer.

When you do a job like this, you are constantly pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into others, day in and day out. Time and again I have seen that trainers (myself included) pour into others but rarely, if ever, into themselves.

Imagine driving your car to and from work every day. It does its job. It’s reliable. It gets you from point A to point B. It can even run on fumes for a while.

But what happens when you drive that car for weeks at a time and you forget to put gas in it?

Bad things. Expensive things. Irreversible things. That’s what happens.

The same applies to you with your health and happiness. When you go weeks on end pouring into others but neglecting yourself, you are putting your physical and mental health in jeopardy.

During my own times of burnout, I found myself “faking it until making it.”

I would show up to set up for my bootcamp, plaster on a smile, hand out dozens of high fives, and say all the right things to my clients.

But deep down I was miserable and wanted to be anywhere else but there because pretending to be peppy and upbeat when I felt so empty was just exhausting . . . so exhausting that once class was over, I would often cry.

Don’t get me wrong. I love what I do. It is one of my callings in life, and I am great at it!

BUT, when my tank was empty, no amount of feigned excitement could remedy the problem. It wasn’t until I focused on myself that I finally snapped out of these unhealthy habits.

I started taking solo overnight trips to Fredericksburg, TX, with my two dogs to just unplug and unwind. (Hello Texas wines!)

I would enjoy the beautiful 2-hour drive to the Hill Country while singing along to fun road jams! Sitting outside with beautiful scenery and a glass of wine allowed me to reflect on what I do and why I do it.

I recognized that as an introvert, my energy is recharged when I am alone, so I would make great efforts to take these quick trips as often as I could so that my tank wouldn’t ever again be empty. I would come back refreshed and refocused and with a greater sense of caring for all things.

I want to challenge you!

Wherever you are in your career, whether you are just starting out or you are a veteran trainer, start taking action now to prevent burnout. Even if you feel great right in this moment, plan ahead, knowing that these seasons of burnout do come around.

Accept that burnout happens.

Acknowledge when you are starting to see the signs in yourself, and take action to recharge your energy.

Let’s face it. Happier trainers are healthier trainers. And healthier trainers are what the world needs.

People’s lives depend on you. Quite literally. You are helping add years to their lives, so they need you to stick around.

So do this world a favor and become the happiest person you can be!

I’d love to hear from you!

Comment and let me know what you have done in the past to deal with burnout and what steps you plan on taking to avoid it in the future.

Marissa Prude is a Boot Camp Instructor and creator of Boot Camp Library, an online platform that helps Boot Camp Trainers avoid burnout and build their business to 6 figures and beyond.

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Read more info on Signs You’re Burned Out.

9 Signs that You are Completely Burned Out

  1. You lack energy to be consistently productive.
  2. You have become cynical and critical, both at work and outside of work.
  3. You procrastinate and avoid getting started with your work.
  4. You have become irritable towards clients and the people in your life.
  5. Your sleep habits have changed.
  6. You use food, drugs, or alcohol to feel differently, or to not feel at all.
  7. You experience physical symptoms such as headache, stomach pain, or insomnia.
  8. You lose interest or desire to work out or take care of yourself.
  9. You start tasks but rarely have the motivation to finish them.

Now, if you were nodding along in agreement while reading that list, you are in good company because you are NOT alone.

But in order to improve your situation, you first must acknowledge and accept that burnout happens to everyone.

It is not a sign of failure or weakness.

In fact, “burnout syndrome is more frequent in certain specific professional categories, which demand interaction with people or work with human recipients of services, such as teachers, health professionals, social workers, policemen, and judges.” (Resource #1)

The reason this is true is because people in these professions pour their souls into others on a daily basis.

Their purpose is to serve, to improve the lives of those they interact with. Now, most people in these fields do what they do because serving brings them joy and fulfillment.

This purpose is also what drives them to keep going, even when the burnout starts to emerge. So how do we keep doing what we do when the burnout feeling starts creeping in?

Now that you can recognize the signs of burnout, let’s dive into some ways you can change the outcome and hopefully prevent it from happening. Join Unique boot camp workouts here at Boot Camp Library.

How to Recognize and Address the Inevitable Trainer Burnout

Addressing the Boot Camp Trainer’s Mental Health and Well Being

Have you ever plopped down on the couch depleted of all energy or sense or caring?

Have you ever been filled with a sense of dread of the day of work ahead?

Or worse . . . have you ever felt like that while having to lead a class?

As a boot camp trainer, one of your biggest roles is to be everyone’s cheerleader and pump them up through the entire class.

Let’s face it: you are the heartbeat of the class. You dictate the energy for everyone else. If you aren’t ON, then the momentum of the class drastically suffers.

But how tough is it to do that when your tank is on empty?

It’s nearly impossible.

If you are anything like me (human), you get completely burned out a few times a year, and this can happen for a multitude of reasons.

So I am going to hit you with some truth.

First off, these words will be pointless without addressing a very important fact head on, so hold onto your britches because what I’m about to say is pretty controversial. . . .

Seriously. I wouldn’t even read what I am about to say unless you are sitting down. Are you ready?!

You are HUMAN. You are not a robot. There, I said it. *whew*

In today’s society, especially as an entrepreneur or business owner, you are viewed as weak if you can’t operate at 100% all of the time.

Have you ever felt this way?

I know I sure have, and that is why I took the time to write this: to help ensure it doesn’t happen to you.

One of the MAIN reasons I started Boot Camp Library was to help create healthier and happier trainers. I am not ashamed to say mental health is just as important, if not MORE important, than physical health, so when I talk about creating healthier and happier trainers, I mean I want to help physically AND mentally.

I want to take a moment to help you identify some warning signs that you might be burned out, or approaching it quickly.