9 Signs that You are Completely Burned Out

  1. You lack energy to be consistently productive.
  2. You have become cynical and critical, both at work and outside of work.
  3. You procrastinate and avoid getting started with your work.
  4. You have become irritable towards clients and the people in your life.
  5. Your sleep habits have changed.
  6. You use food, drugs, or alcohol to feel differently, or to not feel at all.
  7. You experience physical symptoms such as headache, stomach pain, or insomnia.
  8. You lose interest or desire to work out or take care of yourself.
  9. You start tasks but rarely have the motivation to finish them.

Now, if you were nodding along in agreement while reading that list, you are in good company because you are NOT alone.

But in order to improve your situation, you first must acknowledge and accept that burnout happens to everyone.

It is not a sign of failure or weakness.

In fact, “burnout syndrome is more frequent in certain specific professional categories, which demand interaction with people or work with human recipients of services, such as teachers, health professionals, social workers, policemen, and judges.” (Resource #1)

The reason this is true is because people in these professions pour their souls into others on a daily basis.

Their purpose is to serve, to improve the lives of those they interact with. Now, most people in these fields do what they do because serving brings them joy and fulfillment.

This purpose is also what drives them to keep going, even when the burnout starts to emerge. So how do we keep doing what we do when the burnout feeling starts creeping in?

Now that you can recognize the signs of burnout, let’s dive into some ways you can change the outcome and hopefully prevent it from happening. Join Unique boot camp workouts here at Boot Camp Library.

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